Team Message

RiSP Baseball has been competing with the best competition in the city of San Antonio since 2012 and we plan to continue at this level and higher for the next 5 years at least. I take great pride in instructing your players and helping young players develop their full potential. With that being said, I would like to begin a transition that can take our organization to the next level and really start preparing our players for high school baseball. In order to do so, I will need a solid commitment and unwavering support from both players and parents. With this change also comes a few changes in what has been our standard policy to date.


As we will have two to three games per week, we will only have practice one day during the weekend. This will be a mandatory practice for all players. At this practice I will correct any issues I see in games preceding the practice and work on basic infield outfield situations. At this practice, players will practice in the position I will most likely place them in game situations so we can have more continuity between players and better our communication.

If your player wishes to learn another position, please schedule individual lessons with me as we will not likely have time during our one practice per week to work on a new position. Sometimes, your player may be in a position simply because I do not have anyone else who can play that position. We will need some sacrifice to excel. Remember, this will be the case in high school as well.

Every player shall wear a RiSP practice jersey. Either the ¾ sleeve shirt or the new black team shirt. Black shorts or grey baseball pants should also be worn to practice. Players must also wear our team hat.

I am requiring a 3 hour notice if your player will not be at a scheduled practice. Remember, sometimes we are paying for a practice facility. Also, it can be difficult to create an effective practice plan when I do not know who will be there or not be there. At my discretion, I will bench players that do not communicate absences or tardiness with me.


As important as games and team practice are, practicing to make yourself better, on your own is invaluable. Batting cages – You should be hitting at least 100 balls per non game day. If you have a tee, use it. A tee provides instant feedback, if you swing wrong, the tee will let you know. Throwing – Position players should throw every day! If you want to throw harder, faster and further you need to be throwing from at least 120 feet. Find a friend, find a wall, find a net but throw, throw, throw! Fielding – Practice every day! All you need is a wall and a ball. Get a sibling to throw the ball at you, use your glove, and use your bare hand! Pitchers – Should be pitching every other day (Not before game days). Contact me for specific drills and tips. Catchers – You should be working on your skill every day! You don’t even need anyone to work with you. Ask me for drills!



Every effort must be made to attend every game. I understand that players are involved in other sports and other leagues, but we must be made a priority as well. School teams come first, but if a school game ends at 7pm and we play at 8pm, I expect every effort to be made to arrive for our game.

We must arrive one hour prior to game start time. To have a good warm up, it takes at least 30 minutes. If I have players staggering in, it makes group hitting and throwing a challenge. From one hour prior to 45 minutes prior, will be time to get gear on, free stretch and set up. From 44 minutes prior until 15 minutes prior will be team stretching and warm up. From 14 minutes prior until 5 minutes prior will be infield/outfield and pitcher warm up. At 5 minutes prior we will get ready to enter the dugout. Our players are teenagers, they should be able to do this on their own. Two team captains will be assigned to lead warm ups.

There are to be no parents in the dugout and no players out of the dugout during the duration of the game. I understand you may want to talk to your player during their time in the dugout, you may do so from behind the dugout or the side, so long as you do not enter or interfere with coaching instruction.

Immediately after every game (except 8pm games on school nights) we will have a team meeting directly off the field. Players are to pack up their gear and wait at the designated area. I encourage parents to join, ask questions, and give suggestions and feedback at this time.

I will make every effort to ensure playing time for every player. However, this does not mean that your player will play in every game. We have a talented group, several that play the same position equally well and it will be difficult to spread the playing time in your desired position depending on what players are available and what positions they play. I truly believe game situations teach players more than they could ever learn in practice.

I am requiring a 24 hour notice for any game your player will not be able to attend. I understand emergencies come up, but you can notify me as early as possible for scheduled events. At my discretion, I will bench players that do not communicate absences or tardiness with me.


As I stated before, I want to take our team to the next level. We will finish out the spring season with Mission Pony League, despite all the setbacks and costs associated.

Beginning this summer, we will play in tournaments only. This will cause an increase in costs, but I believe it will benefit the players greatly. I will do everything in my power to secure sponsors and donations to offset costs, but there will still likely be some initial costs per player. I want to enter at least eight tournaments, purchase new jerseys with player chosen numbers and we need a bit of new equipment such as baseballs (you’d be surprised how many we lose), line up cards, score books and if enough funds, I’d like to get the players helmets. We will also need team insurance and to register with any entity that we wish to play tournaments with (i.e. Nations, SuperSeries, etc.).

For the summer, I will carry a large roster, but only take 12 players to each tournament. A lot of people go on vacations and things of that nature, so it helps to have a larger roster. We will do some tournaments for development and some for our advanced players.

Summer practices and training will be a little more rigorous and demanding. Players will have to earn their spot for each tournament.

I feel we have a core that can go out and win a few tournaments and even get to go to a Championship series! My goal is to get every player ready for varsity baseball their freshman year.